HRA Home Improvement & Commercial Construction, Inc.

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How It Works

First, either we approach you or you call us.  We will make an appointment to come and offer a free and complete inspection of your home.  Once we have evaluated your damages and determined them to be claim worthy, we will offer an agreement that allows our company to represent you to your claims adjuster and to do the approved work for the exact dollar amount awarded.  If there is no approval, it equates to no agreement and is stated in writing.

Once we are in agreement, you must call you insurance company or we can do it for you.  The insurance company (your adjuster) will call back and set an appointment to come and inspect the damages you/we are claiming. It is then critical that you call us because #1- four to six eyes are better than two and #2- we already know what damages have been sustained and your adjuster could miss something.


Once the approval has been given, this is where we shine.  If the adjuster’s scope of work to be performed is incorrect or something is missed, we can supplement the claim to get those needed funds to do the job correctly and completely.  This is where you could get stuck with those costs, by attempting to make these arrangements yourself.

Second, once all this has been done, we get to work.  We meet with you to select the colors you are wanting and to secure the exact dollar amount payable, in writing, so there are no surprises later.  The first check received is then used as the deposit towards the materials and labor needed for the repairs approved by your insurance company.

Then, the materials arrive and the work is done by our licensed and insured subcontractors.  We have most every trade of contractor needed to do most every job needed.  Here is the capper. . . once the approved work has been completed, we present you with a form.  This Certification of Completion, when signed by the homeowner and us states:  all the work has been completed as agreed and done in a manner satisfactory to all involved.  Once you are completely satisfied and sign this certification, we then can collect the remaining funds for the work we performed.  The last check is where our company makes our money, or profit.  Bottom line is:  We don’t get paid until the customer/homeowner is completely satisfied and in writing.

There you have it.  A seamless, fully guaranteed and complete process where EVERYBODY WINS!